Sizing and Fit

Power Grabs sizing is based on 2 measurements:

  • Wrist circumference - See A on hand image
  • Length of hand to end of longest finger - See B on hand image


How to determine your wrist circumference and length of hand size measurements:

  • To determine wrist circumference size use a tape measure to wrap all the way around wrist 
  • To determine length of hand size use a tape measure or ruler to measure from the base of hand at the point where the hand joins to the wrist (heel of palm) to the end of your longest finger
  • Please make a note of both these measurements in inches to reference our sizing chart 


POWER GRABS Sizing Chart


Size                        Wrist Circumference Size              Length of Hand Size

Medium                    5.75 - 6.5 inches                            up to 7 inches long

Large                       6.25 - 7.75 inches                          up to 7 inches long



Additional Fit Tip Guidelines


  • Size Small generally will fit women's hands with smaller sized wrists
  • Size Medium generally fits most regular sized women's hands and wrists, and smaller sized men's hands
  • Size Large fits regular and large sized men's hands, and larger sized women's hands and wrists
  • Size X Large will fit larger and longer men's hands